Window Cleaners Kerry, our Cleaners are cost and time effective.

We reach and wash window cleaning has many key benefits some of which include:

Eliminates ladders and high access equipment

Reaches previously inaccessible windows

Cleans frames at the same time as glass

Environmentally friendly with no chemicals or detergents

Staff operated from the ground

Water used in the cleaning process

Window Cleaning Window Washing in Kerry

There are many benefits to washing windows is so effective is the speed and ease with which it can clean a large numbers of windows.

Fresh clean water to clean your windows means that there are no corrosive elements in the liquid that could damage frames, and streaks are also not left on the surface of the glass.

The system works by sending water through telescopic poles via a double trim brush. The pure water that we use in the cleaning process, returns to its former impure state and absorbs dirt from the window.

Some other key points of the reach and wash system are:

Only 1,000 liters of water for our staff to use onsite

Window treatment can last for many months

Both domestic and commercial uses for our window washers. However the majority of our clients who would use this service would be in the commercial sector.

Very effective and safe method of cleaning frames and windows.

We get our clients using this new window cleaning system. It can be conducted on size or shape of building.

This also affects the price structure that we charge for this service. We are much more competitively priced than some of our leading competitors in this area.

Entire window cleaning requirements, contact the experts in Kerry, we will not be disappointed.