Chimney Cowls installated and repair in Kerry


Chinmey Cowl Repair Install Kerry

Chimney Cowl Install Kerry

Chimney Cowls Basic Rain & Bird Protection  :  Unused Chimneys Cowl  :  Crow Guards / Balloon Mesh, Large Anti Downdraught, Small Anti Downdraught  and  Anti Updraught, Spinning Cowl  :   H Cowl  :   Dragon / Lobster Cowl, Chimney Liner Cowls and Chimney Extension in Kerry.




Basic Rain & Bird Protection Rain Cowl

Our Rain Cowl is our popular, low budget bird guard and provides excellent rain, wind Fowl Protection.

The MAD RAIN COWL is made from galvanized steel with a powder coated Terracotta finish.


Rain Cowl

The Rain Cowl is our budget stainless steel birdguard and provides excellent rain, wind and animal protection and comes with a 1″ mesh guard.  

More suitable for stoves and fireplaces that are burning coal.

The RAIN COWL is made from stainless steel and is only available in an unpainted finish.


Spinning Cowls


A decorative Spinning cowls are wind driven cowls designed to increase the draw or draught in the chimney / flue in windy conditions, thus helping to reduce the effect of ‘puffdowns’ or downdraughts.

Spinning cowls will not increase draw on still or calm days and are only really effective on flat or level ground.


The Spinner Chimney Cowl

Spinner spinning cowl.

The fins are manufactured from stainless steel and the base from die cast aluminium.

The MAD Spinner is available if 4 colour finishes : stainless steel, black, terracotta and ‘buff’

A universal strap fitting fits all 200mm (8″) to 250mm (10″) chimney pots.

Anti Up draught Cowls in Kerry


The Aero aerodynamically Cowl

This cowl is  designed to maximise the flow of the wind to reduce overdraw or up draughts, which pulls the heat from the room up the chimney resulting in excessive fuel use and a “cold” room.

Tests indicate a minimum fuel saving of 15%, whilst some customers have seen savings of over 25% in the first year of use, giving a short payback time especially if you have a fire or stove lit throughout the Winter.


Large Anti Downdraught Cowls for Single Chimney Pots

Chimney Extension

If your chimney is just that little bit too low, you might need an extension to get over the ridgeline to improve and stop down draughts.

Only available to fit a standard 200mm (8″) chimney pot and only suitable for flat-topped pots.

 Chimney Liner Cowls

The CHIMNEY LINER COWL is designed to fit a flexible flue liner to a chimney cowl without the need to remove the pot or to seal the gap between liner and pot with concrete.

The images to the right show how the CHIMNEY LINER COWL  attaches to the flexible liner with a stainless steel fixing strap and clip. The cowl then sits on top of the of the pot and is secured to it with another fixing strap and clip.

The CHIMNEY LINER COWL also benefits from a unique system, whereby the hose clips thread through the fixing straps so there is far less chance of loosening fixings during fitting.

The CHIMNEY LINER COWL is made to fit into a standard 200mm chimney pot. It is available in both 5″ and 6″ liner options and in 2 cowls styles, Anti Downdraught (upper photo) and Solid Fuel (lower photo).

Unused Chimneys  Top Cap Cowl

The top cap protects unused flues from rain and bird entry whilst providing controlled ventilation and protection against cold downdraughts.