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High Pressure Power Washing in all area’s of Kerry, .

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We provide power washing and painting in Kerry

Power washing (known as pressure washing) is defined as using a machine and water to spray surfaces with high pressured liquid and sometimes chemicals to clean areas. This is an imperative first step when preparing to paint or stain any part of a home.

If a proper cleaning is not completed prior to painting, the new paint won’t stick to the surface and the new paint usually will peel off in big chunks and/or small flakes.

Power washing is cleaning and it prepares surfaces for painting by removing dirt, mould, mildew, cobwebs(spiderweb), pollutants, pollen and dust.

Power washing also removes most chalking that may have taken place. Chalking is the naturally occurring breakdown of the paints skin surface from sunlight ultraviolet rays.

Using a pressure washing machine will ensure the perfect preparation for exterior painting projects. The right amount of pressure will clean any surface, including wood, without causing damage. Also, using the proper nozzle will keep the appropriate angle and fan trajectory of water for each different surface. Experienced painting and power washing contractors will be able to prevent wand marks (or etching of the surface), which can be caused by too much pressure applied at the wrong angle.

Power Washing the Exteriors of house, apartments, extensions and garages etc in Kerry.

Our homes exterior will have dirt, mold, mildew and dust, and these all need to be removed

Cobwebs will be naturally present in the corners of homes, most cobwebs and wasp nests will be washed away during the power washing, we remove nest of any type before painting.

Power washing may not remove all stains around the home. Some stains are discolorations from years of weathering and will still be around even after a power wash.

Power Washing Decks and Fences in Kerry.

Decks and fences are often prime candidates for power washing; and both stand to benefit from the cleaning. Decks can be power washed with bleach or deck brightener to penetrate the wood fibers. This will wash away old stain and brighten up grey wood fibers caused by foot traffic, sun and sitting rain water. Fences often have mildew on the surface that is caused by being a soft wood, and being so close to the ground and vegetation. Power washing will help remove these types of mildews and rejuvenate the look of any wood.


Wash & Dry Time

The drying time after a power wash varies greatly on the humidity, rain and temperature. Most homes can be painted within one day after power washing; although, the person who quotes the painting project.

Power Washing without Painting

For relatively low cost, a home’s exterior can be power washed to easily remove dirt etc. This cleaning will actually extend the life of an exterior paint job. Often, customers think their home needs a new coat of paint, when a simple power wash will give them the same desired result and add life to the current paint job.


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